Week 3: Art Experience: Snapchat

This weeks art experience was one a lot more up my ally. I’m 100% guilty of being addicted to snapchat. I think it’s a great way to stay connected to people, and also experience some things with friends when you aren’t together. In my experience, moving from New Jersey to California for school, snapchat has been a great way for me to still feel close to my friends back at home. I can show them what I’m doing or if I just want to brag about how great the weather is over here while they experience the cold and snow! Going to the SOA to experience some of Cal State’s very own artists was awesome! I really enjoyed being able to post some of the art work up while being able to put my own personal spin on some of the shots.

Aly was also super into this weeks project, especially since she’s so fond of art and was able to put some of her own spin on some of her snaps too



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