Week 4/Art Experience/Graffiti

This week’s art experience was one adventure I will always remember. Me and my classmate Aly decided to try and go to Venice Beach to write our names on the wall. We drove over there excited to get to work on the art walls, and ready to enjoy the beautiful day at Venice. After hours of looking for parking; we finally found a spot. Come to find out we left our paint at home, we decided to see if someone would let us borrow a little paint to write our names so we didn’t lose our parking spot we so viciously fought for. We went to the art walls and asked some of the artists to borrow some paint, but the artist was not appreciative of the type of art we planned to create and said no. So instead of wasting the day we sat an observed some art come to life by other artists there. Then once we got home we were able to find some cardboard and come up with a less amazing, but still fun project! I really enjoyed this weeks assignment and will gladly be visiting the art walls at Venice Beach again in the near future.



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