Week 5/ Artist Conversation/Kristi Jenson

Artist: Kristi Jenson

Exhibition: Fuse: Joined to Form a Single Entity

Media: Metal; steel, copper, silver

Gallery: CSULB School of Art; Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whipperton/

Kristi Jenson is a student at CSULB and will be graduating next fall. She plans to receive a BFA in metal and jewelry. Kristi begins all of her projects with sketches, and then eventually moves on to the metal sculpting. When she first began she was working with sculpting, but later on realized it was metal she truly wanted to work with. She finds interest in working with large and small pieces, and has a clean smooth finish to her pieces. Most of her pieces take around three weeks to finish, but some vary.

The exhibit held this week showcased a lot of natural looking pieces and colors. She stated how she enjoys precise techniques with her pieces when she’s creating them. Jenson stated how one of the main reasons why she enjoys working with metal is because of the fire and hammering. Which is the opposite of the pieces outcomes because of how precise and smooth they come out.

Her work was very beautiful, and I enjoyed many of the pieces I saw. Many of which I would even consider owning/wearing myself.





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