Week 7/ Art Experience/ Video Group Production

This week was one of my favorite activities yet! As a film major this project hit close to home, and got me super pumped to create and start filming. Our video is focused on the importance of Cinematography, and how the difference in angles can really make or break a video. In the first shot you can see how plain and unentertaining it is as a viewer, because it is all one long shot. Compared to the second half of the video, where it is filled with loads of different angles and shots to capture more viewer attention and make it overall more entertaining to watch. It also helps make the video look more put together, and more complicated than it actually is. Not only does it affect a viewer’s attention, but also their mood because now the video looks more action packed and intense.

I had loads of fun creating this with my group, and I think the video came out really good!




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