Week 8/ Art Experience/Automatic Drawing

I had never heard of Automatic drawing, or what it was even about before this week. I thought this project was going to turn out totally a mess, and not look cool at all. I asked my friend Waseal to join me, and he too was like “what the heck is this?” When we first started it was just totally awkward and we had no idea what we were doing. We decided to just mess around and hopefully it would turn out cool. Of course it got a little extra wild, and I still don’t think it turned out looking like much of anything. Waseal swears he sees a flower in there. But the lines, and the black and white make it look a lot more artistic and mature, rather than silly scribbles on a random piece of paper.

This weeks art experience definitely taught me the importance of art work, and how anything you make can be a beautiful piece of artwork. IMG_5737


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