Week 8/ Artist Conversation/ Bri Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy (Bri Joy)

Exhibition: Merged

Media: Screen Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @bri.joy

Bri Joy is a transfer student from Orange Coast College, she now studies as an undergraduate student here at CSULB. She is expected to graduate with her BFA this year. She aspired to pursue a degree in screen printing. Bri Joy uses a mainly black and white color scheme, used strictly with the lithograph style of print making. And even though her pieces appear to be smooth they are in fact with a texture because of the use of a compressor. Bri has described the screen printing process as very long, but extremely worth it in the end when her pieces come to life.

Her pieces depict her past and present life with the use of the textured lines. She enjoys the idea of merging and having her pieces merge from her past life with her present life. Much from the time she moved from a small town to a now much bigger city, this effects much of the work she does today. I really enjoyed Bri Joy’s work, and I thought much of it was elaborate and telling. I could read some of her stories she told through her pieces, which gave me a much deeper connection to her work.



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