Royal Moby

What’s up! My name is Royal Moby. I come from the planet Neptune, a place that is full of water and everything is the color blue! I am the son of the King of Neptune. I was just out exploring in my spaceship when all of a sudden a black hole came out of nowhere and swallowed me up! I ended up coming out the other side and saw the moon. I steered my ship towards it where I ended up running into this place called Moonbase Alpha. I landed there and took refugee, where the people of the base welcomed me with open arms. I’m happily staying here while we try to figure out a way for me to get home to my planet and my family! Moonbase Alpha is sick though! It has unlimited everything for anything you could possibly want! My favorite is the amusement park and go carts they have. The go carts take place in this course that is hovering above the amusement park! Just a bunch of flying cars going through all the rollercoasters, which are also flying. I’ve never seen a place like it, it’s like a vision straight out of a futuristic movie.

For now I am happy here and staying at Moonbase Alpha, but I still need to get home! I have a planet to rule in the future!! But I will definitely be coming back to visit Moonbase Alpha. I have to come back and see my friends, which you should check out too!

When first landing on Moonbase Alpha I met her and was just wow’d! I love spending my day on the base hanging out with the princess, maybe she’ll want to come back and rule Neptune with me some day 😉

I have, I’d say, a bitter sweet relationship with cash. Cash is someone I can’t find myself not hanging out with, but you know what they say; “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

You can’t visit Moonbase Alpha without first visiting Cidrian! By far one of my favorite characters here at the Moonbase. One conversation with this guy and your day will be brightened!

Lastly, please make sure you stop down by the amusement parks because not only is it my favorite spot, but my friend Henray is always there! He’s one chill guy, mostly known by Henray the creator from Space. He’s pretty quiet but once he warms up you can tell just how cool he is. Plus he’s got some sick art you have to check out!







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