Week 11/ Art Experience/ Turning Pages

When I was listening to Marta Troya, and what it was we were going to be doing for the art experience this week I was like, “Whaaaa??” I had no idea what we were talking about, but once we got into the library and actually got a chance to put in some work I was immediately like, “hmm, this is kinda fun!” I never realized just how unaware of what I’m doing everyday I actually am, so doing this activity it was pretty cool final realizing just how influenced we are by our surroundings.

It was actually hilarious while the class was in the library. You never even think about going to the library to ACTUALLY check out a book, people just go there to use the computers or study. Completely ironic, I know. So when we actually picked up books and started to read them, the faces we got were even more amusing. It’s crazy how out of place you can start to feel by reading A BOOK in a LIBRARY. The people surrounding us made us feel like we were out of place, and doing something we shouldn’t be. When actually it was them using the library incorrectly. It’s crazy about how backwards and judgmental our generations have become, just by being you and going with your own flow you can be automatically targeted as outcast, or loser.

Once we moved on to the bookstore, that’s when things got even more interesting. Here everyone was in a chaos to take photos, as well as, completing the activity. Versus the library, where we could actually enjoy the activity and not have to worry about getting a phone out to take a good picture for the assignment. It wasn’t the same as the library, however, it was much more unnoticeable and spread out. Everyone looked a lot more like they were there on their own, and a lot less like a large group of weirdos. But still, even the bookstore isn’t properly used. You’d think upon hearing bookstore, it’d be a place that sold a lot of books, when in fact the bookstore at school is more like a huge store of goodies, and barely any books at all.  I liked this activity because it opened my eyes to the reality of how much different every generation becomes after the next.




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