Week 12/ Artist Conversation/ Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: Gatov-West
Website: none
Instagram:  none

This week our class got to see some of Jennifer Chen’s awesome work! She is on her last semester here at CSULB, and will be graduating with a masters in the school of art. Her expertise are mainly in painting and digital printmaking, where she edits her photos using photo shop. She would like to teach an “Intro to Digital Printmaking” class next semester. Her specific art exhibit this pass Thursday was based off of a dedication to her undergraduate Biology studies.

Her artwork was meant to help show how changes in the environment happen. She helps to show that specifically in her pieces, because the paint used in each piece is meant to enhance the special areas of scenery shown. The main areas of interest are meant to be popped out, so they can show the main areas of succession in the artwork. At the same time, Jennifer hoped her pieces would give different points of view to viewers, in the sense of Beauty v. Ugly, etc.

In all I very much enjoyed this exhibit. I thought Jennifer’s pieces were beautifully made, and showed a lot of interesting things. I felt the entire concept of the exhibit was very cool, and I liked how it tied some science into art. It’s two things people wouldn’t normally think would go together. And me, as a non science person, thought the entire concept was very cool. So overall, I really enjoyed the exhibit and would love to see more future works from Jennifer!




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