Week 13/ Art Experience/ Art Care Package

This weeks art experience was really different and fun! We had to create art care packages filled with little things to send to a fellow classmate. It was fun coming up with extremely random things to put into the package, but I came up with some fire fruity five gum, Dunkin Donuts sugar, a choker, and a bunch of random stickers. 20160425_005805554_iOS

Sending a care package to a person is similar to snapchat in the sense that it is made specific to the person you are sending it to. You wouldn’t send a bunch of random stuff to someone that you don’t know, just like you wouldn’t send personal/funny snaps to strangers. I think care packages and snapchat share a privacy between two people, meant for only them.

Sending a care package is different, however, in the sense that its physical and more intimate. Packages carry “presents” sent to make someone happy, or just because they need some stuff and you want to help out. Snapchats are very temporary, and don’t hold as much meaning compared. Packages are also physical and last longer, you may be able to screenshot a snap, but the moment doesn’t last forever, therefore it isn’t as intimate.

I am a strong supporter of ephemeras. I believe there is so much more meaning and intimacy in ephemeras. They’re past memories to be held and kept safe forever, and I especially love them because theyre meant for you only. A newspaper print out could have so much meaning to you, and have absolutely no meaning to someone else. That’s why I believe they’re precious and should be kept always. I know I have a box full at home i’ll never get rid of.

I do see a difference in art seen around the world and art seen by a select few. Global art is still beautiful and holds much importance and meaning in the world, but it’s just not the same. Art seen by a select few is so much more important and precious. It should be cherished because the art is a bond formed between the people that experience it together.

Snapchat is an awesome app that allows friends to stay connected no matter how far away they are. I think its good that its instant, because it allows relationships to stay current, and drifting to happen a lot less. But the difference I see is that a care package has a lot more thought put into it, more care, and more meaning. In the time that it is sent, and when it arrives the excitement built up only adds to the moment of opening the package. Which is the best part, because you get to see all the items someone personally picked out for you because they know you and what you like and what you to enjoy what they send you. That’s the best part about a package and a longer time of waiting, the anticipation and excitement that makes it that much better to open and receive the package.

Preparing a meal with love just feels different compared to a drive thru fast food joint. Yeah the food is really good at fast food places, but there’s nothing like the taste of home cooked food made with love. It’s hard to explain but there’s just a different, better taste and more meaning to the meal. Just like a package versus a snapchat. Snapchat is so often used, and doesn’t take much effort to send one. Care packages require time, effort, and energy. Someone willing to put the time in to send gifts to a friend shows love, and makes the package that much better to receive.

I really enjoyed this activity, and I thought it showed the importance of friendships, and showing that you care every once in awhile. Even if its sending just a bunch of random little ephemeras!






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