Week 13/ Artist Conversation/ Ihab Ali

Artist: Ihab Ali

Exhibition: Eye Witness

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Media: Car, Cloth, Everyday household items, spanish iron oxide ceramic arson

Website: Does not have one

Instagram: ihabali

Ihab Ali is finishing his last semester here at CSULB in the ceramics program. He is a ceramics artist, and his pieces are all based off of his past experiences. The one witnessed today was specifically tied to Ihab’s  escape from the Syria political asylum form the Iranians. He escaped along side his family, and has been in the United States for the last eleven years. Ihab is a big traveler and a lot of his pieces are created and inspired by the places he explores. Ihab creates pieces that force viewers to first hand experience the message he tries to give off, he specializes a lot with different war scenes and the impact it had on citizens and environments.

Ali’s piece this Thursday, Eye Witness, was an insane viewing of a home that has just experienced a bombing. When first walking into the piece you can see walls full of red paint, or blood, followed by walls that are broken in and down you must walk through. Walking down the hallway leads to a tv room in complete destruction and intense lighting to show electrical outages. There continues to be a narrow hallway you follow until you see a car in complete destruction, which must be the garage. There are many empty spaces and a lot of dark lighting to create uneasy feelings, and sadness in people.

I thought this was the most intense, and yet eye opening showing yet. I also enjoyed it the most because I was able to first hand experience it. The feelings I got when walking through the exhibit were sadness, and eeriness. I think Ihab is a very creative, and informative artist. I really appreciate and enjoy the work he creates, and I’m glad I was able to see an exhibit. I also have an appreciation for Ihab himself, as his art and personality show an outlook on life most people don’t have.



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